Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel – Holiday Experience Like No Other

Vietnam is the easternmost country in Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The place is bored by Laos in the North West, China in the North, South China Sea to the east and Cambodia to the south. Vietnam ranks 13th in the world as the most populated country with over 8.5 million residents and is divided to 58 provinces.


There are plenty of exciting places in Vietnam which continue to attract the attention of many tourists. Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel will give you a chance to choose from different holiday packages that will suit your personal taste and your budget. In Vietnam alone, you can tour some of the most popular destinations, from the city of Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi and many others. Through these tours, you can indulge in the one of a kind opportunity where you can get to explore Indochina by rail, water, road and air.

Air travel to Vietnam is also very much possible, thanks to the numerous airlines that fly to the country every single day. Vietnam operates a total of 17 major civil airports wherein three of them are actually international ones. Tan Son Nhat locate in Ho Chi Minh City is the country’s largest airport handling about 75% traffic of international passengers.

When traveling around Vietnam, the roads are the most accessible means of transportation. Public buses which are being operated by private companies serve as the main source of long distance travels by a lot of people.


During your Laos Vietnam Tours, you will discover that Vietnam and Laos definitely abounds when it comes to its rich culture, beaches, eye catching natural sceneries, mountains, amazing historical monuments, forests, and rivers that make the place the most ideal location for your next holiday.

These days, tourism is getting bigger and bigger by the day. You can now find numerous Indochina tour agencies that operate tours to almost all countries in Southeast Asia. You will also learn that the packages being offered by these travel agencies vary in many aspects. There are packages that can last for 3 days to as much as 3 weeks. It is all up to you to choose which package can work to your schedule.

The most ideal time for you to travel to Vietnam and other countries in Indochina is from the month of December through May. There are plenty of taxi and bus services that you can try during your stay. If you are up to it and you want something more adventurous, you can also try cycling.


The key to having to most memorable time in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is by choosing the most reliable tour agency that will assign you with a dedicated tour guide who will be more than happy to help you explore the wonders that every destination has to offer.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t visit Indochina as soon as you can. Gone are those ugly places often seen in Vietnamese war films. Times have changed and now, Vietnam and its nearby countries give you a chance to travel and explore without any trace of fear and bask in the panoramic views around you.

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