With a schedule to move that only takes you less than a month to prepare, you will surely panic. How to go about with packing all the things can lead you to a stressful situation. Have you thought of hiring a reliable moving and storage company to do the job?

The moving dilemma would only stop once you find the right guys for the job. On top of this, you also have to learn how to pack your things and label the boxes before anything is moved. Packing is going to be your next problem and doing it right makes it easier for transporting your things. Below are things you ought to know when labeling your boxes.

Have complete labeling supplies at hand

Be sure you have a permanent marker. Black is a universal color and can be easily seen from a distance. You might need colored stickers as well but make sure that they can stick even on plastic storage containers and peel off right after you are settled. Write in big bold letters or numbers to make it easy to read.

Know where the boxes belong to

For more convenience, label your containers in accordance to which room or area they would go. If you have kids, then, use numbers to identify the boxes. Upon signing the rental contract, you must have known which room is your daughter’s or your son’s. This provides you with a hint where a box’s destination will be. So, packing boxes for an area or room makes it easier.

Know what things go first

It is imperative that you know which things go first on the box. We all know that heavy and big items go first and the fragile ones should be on top. You may also separate delicate pieces from the ones that are not. They can always go to another box and you can label the container with “this side up” or “fragile” to let the handlers know they have to take extra precautions.

Learn to use color codes

Color coding each container also makes it easy for you to decipher the things that inside every container. This leaves you with no other task but to unpack the contents where they should be opened. No messy things on other parts of the house, just appropriate things to go with each area.

Think about on-demand storage

There are also things that may not be accommodated to your new house most especially if you chose a rental place that is much smaller than where you used to live. These unnecessary belongings should be kept inside their specific boxes with distinctive marks on them to show that they have no specific place to stay.

But what if there is no room to store them? The answer is to look for movers that offer on-demand storage. If you are not good with the idea, then, think of scheduling a garage sale or selling them to friends or advertise at online sites.

Inquire about moving boxes for rent

Some moving box rental companies have labeling materials at hand and it’s easy for them to do that. However, if you are wary that some of your expensive belongings may get lost or mishandled in the process, you may want to do the labeling yourself before you hand the boxes to moving and storage company personnel.

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