Adventure in Alaska on a Diesel Pusher

The ultimate in quality construction, luxe amenities and spacious living on-the-go – that is class A motor home for you. With its unique level of privacy and comfort, and abundant storage capacity, a Class A coach will truly be your home-away-from-home on the open road. Featuring the best driving safety technologies, these luxurious home-on-wheels have the added reliability of a powerful diesel engine. No wonder, millions of Americans lust for a well decked-up diesel pusher. Fret not if you cannot afford a brand new unit right now; simply opt for a used class A diesel motor home to fulfill your travel aspirations. Be it on the coast or up in the mountains, a well-maintained used rig can comfortably take you to any destination you can dream of. Can’t decide on the place for your maiden Class A adventure? Why not go for the spectacular Alaska and celebrate the explorer in you? The vast, uncharted ‘Last Frontier’ will be a treat for all your senses. Here are five things you must do when RV-ing to Alaska:

Explore the Most Beautiful Drive in America along the Seward Highway South of Anchorage

The long drive along the winding, snow-patched roads with the lake Turnagain Arm on one side and the mountains on the other, interspersed with diminutive waterfalls will ultimately land you into a dramatically beautiful glacial region. Keep your eyes open for beluga whales and bald eagles on the way.

Experience Nature at Its Wildest At Homer and Kenai Fjords National Parks

Stay in one of the RV parks in Seward. Besides welcoming you to a jaw-dropping view of mountains and waters, the park will offer you easy access to restaurants and shops. If you are looking forward to some aquatic adventure, the place will give you access to fishing charters and boat tours that depart from Seward daily.

Behold the World from the Top

Drive up to the base-camp at Mt. McKinley and take a helicopter ride there to catch a bird’s eye view of a snow-covered Alaska. Avail one of the multiple flying services that will let you circle the entire region. At $500 a person, it may sound a little exorbitant, but believe us, it is absolutely worth every penny.

Go Fishing

Get ready with your hook, line and sinker, as you can find scaled species – salmon, halibut, snapper – just about in every water body throughout the state. If your particular interest lies in catching salmons, head to this amazing territory in the later part of summer.

Cross the Arctic Circle

Enter the elite club of those revered sailors and adventurers who have crossed the Arctic Circle. Although there are flights to take you to the Arctic Circle up to Prudhoe Bay, you being an RV-er should take a different route Take an action-packed motor home ride along the Alaska 11 (Dalton Highway) to the Arctic Circle. Don’t forget to ask for the certificate that says you’ve crossed that imaginary dotted line on the map

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